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TIME DELAY CORPORATION may be the largest,

most technologically advanced full-service facility in the country, but it is the creative energy, the talent and passion of our people that defines Time Delay as a premier manufacturer of custom watch accessories. 


From Service to Manufacturing, 8 divisions, each with a singular focus on quality, work together seamlessly creating a commitment to excellence that you can depend on every day.


For forty-years now, Time Delay has provided the industry with the Finest Custom Diamond Dials & Bezels, Dial Refinishing, Italian Replacement Bracelets, Service for the Rolex Timepiece and Custom Diamond Enhancements for Most Luxury Timepieces.


As always, the best quality available in Fine Pre-Owned Rolex Timepieces 

(two year warranty and box)

TIME DELAY is a Manufacturer Of Custom Diamond Accessories, Offering Service for Rolex Timepieces, Custom Diamond Bezels & Dials, Premium In-House Dial Refinishing for Contemporary Rolex Dials, the Finest Italian Replacement Bracelets and we also buy and sell Fine Pre-Owned Rolex Timepieces.

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